Five Points Press was founded in 2006 by Loran Smith and Chris Martin to provide publishing opportunities to individuals and small companies who need assistance in any and all areas of publishing, including writing, editing, graphic illustration and text layout, printing, marketing, and distribution.  Loran’s personal experience in authoring more than 15 books and Chris’s business experience within the publishing industry in marketing, project management, and distribution have helped build the successful portfolio of publishing projects that Five Points Press now holds.

The mission of Five Points Press is to establish the primary needs of its clients, work closely with clients to guide them through the intricate publishing process, enhance products as much as possible, and market and distribute books to obtain the best possible financial result.  Five Points Press has the expertise of a published author, an established publisher, a seasoned editor, and a graphic artist who have successfully worked together on many publishing projects and who have a combined level of knowledge that surpasses that of most small publishing firms.

We thrive on giving personal attention to our clients, and we likewise thrive on being able to establish personal relationships with people who enjoy creating and who enjoy the creative process — just as we do.

Our Team

Chris Martin, Publisher and Manging Director

Chris Martin has worked in the publishing industry since 2004 with an expertise in general management, marketing, and project management.  As business and project manager, Chris manages production and marketing for our clients.  He is also our lead publishing consultant overseeing the editorial process.

Chris has also consulted with businesses in many other industries in the areas of financial management, marketing, and recruitment and retention of human capital.

Chris earned his bachelor of arts degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his masters of business administration, with a concentration in international business, from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

Loran Smith, Author/Writer

Loran Smith is an active newspaper columnist and has authored more than 15 books.

Loran has had varied responsibilities with the University of Georgia over the years.  He has been assistant sports information director, business manager of athletics, and executive director of the Georgia Bulldog Clubs.  He is past chairman of the State of Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and was elected to the State of Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in 1997.

Camille Martin, Writer/Editor

Camille Martin, RD, LD, is a technical writer and editor.  She has extensive experience editing books and original research articles, edits a weekly newspaper column for a local sports writer, and is a published author.  She received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Georgia in 1993 with a double major in English and French literature, and she received a bachelor of science degree in nutrition from Georgia State University in 2004. She is a registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Georgia.

Burtch Hunter, Graphic Designer

Burtch Hunter (www.burtchhunter.com) is a skilled graphic designer who has designed over 130 titles, including many coffee-table books, more than a dozen recipe books, and several national bestsellers. In 2009 Mr. Hunter received the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Cover Design by the Independent Book Publishers Association. The quality of his work and attention to detail is a tremendous asset for Five Points Press in both production and consulting roles.

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