Discovery Books Series

Five Points Press has launched our newest initiative called the Discovery Books Series.  Books in this series are debut offerings from selected authors.  In the rapidly changing publishing world, we have crafted a hybrid approach.

For Authors:

As a division of Five Points Press, the Discovery Series is an excellent avenue for authors with a solid product who wish to test the water in the crowded book market and also for those who have greater hopes to one day be signed by a traditional publisher. We take care of all of the ciritcal and professional things that are often overlooked by authors going the non-traditional publishing route and help you create and publish the book you envision easily, professionally, and affordably.

You can begin your legacy as a published author today. Our experienced team is here to assist you throughout the entire publishing process, but it’s up to you to take the first step of your journey. From custom design by our award winning designer to professional editorial and marketing services, contact  us today to discuss which services suit your needs.

For Our Readers:

We have started a mailing list for those interested in reading the series as books are released.  Please use the sign up button on the left of this page to join our mailing list and receive special offers on our new releases.  Also, be sure to click here to “like” our Facebook page and we will can update you with details there as well.


The Growing Season

Authored by David Hallman
December 2010 — Buy Now
First time novelist, David Hallman, delivers a page-turner!

A young lady’s disappearance reveals a decade-old ploy that threatens to shake the very foundations of a small Southern town. Hank Monroe is an ex-Army Ranger, fresh out of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s New Agents class, and his education is just beginning. An outsider to the inner workings and traditions of the deep South, Hank gets more than he bargained for in his first season on the job. Aided by a mysterious, angelic caller, Hank is inspired to delve into the underbelly of deceit and corruption that swirls ominously below the surface of a close-knit community. He seeks the truth that lies hidden behind the façade and pretense of the town’s elite, the truth some will do anything to hide. Hank Monroe will soon learn, in his first growing season as an agent, that all is not what it seems to be—in crime and in love—and that when it comes to murder, there are no winners.

Southern Sailor

Currently under review.  Soon to be released.

Walk-Ons Are Welcome

Currently under review.  Soon to be released.

Nothing Serious

Currently under review.  Soon to be released.

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