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Titles are listed by date published.  You may purchase books individually here by clicking on the image or “Buy Now” link.  If you have questions about wholesale orders, please contact us for ordering information.

Passing the Baton – A history of success in America’s top track and field town, Carrollton, Georgia

Authored by Tyler Sabo

August 2012 – Buy Now
What is success in the sport of track and field? Is it an Olympic Gold Medal? Is it a world record? How about records and championships on the state level? The small town of Carrollton, Georgia, can answer yes to each. And the unique stories span multiple generations. The true test of success, however, may not be any of those. The true test for this great sport may be participation.  In a sport that can lead to healthy exercise habits for a lifetime, this town has found a way to introduce track and field at the earliest levels while also collecting championship titles along the way.

Let the Big Dawg Eat…Again

Authored by Loran and Myrna Smith
November 2011 – Buy Now
Originally released in 2002, with a second edition in 2005, our latest release will be coming in 2011!  As every rabid Bulldog fan knows, tailgating is a time honored tradition at the University of Georgia. And who better to compile an update to their first tailgating cookbook than Loran Smith, co-host of the Bulldogs Tailgate Show, and his wife Myrna. Features photos and short bios on special contributors.

Put Me in Coach: Confessions of a Football Wife and Mother

New release in 2011
Originally published in 1991,  Barbara Dooley has been making people laugh for years with her Southern tales of football, family, and foolishness.  She is a breast cancer survivor, wife of University of Georgia legendary football coach, Vince Dooley, and now, 30 years after the original release of her book, she is mother to current University of Tennessee head football coach, Derek Dooley.  Her stories in this book are for everyone to read, as her message is always, “make the best of any situation and find a way to laugh about it.”

The Growing Season

Authored by David Hallman
December 2010 — Buy Now
In the first of our Discovery Books Series, David Hallman has produced a page-turner!

A young lady’s disappearance reveals a decade-old ploy that threatens to shake the very foundations of a small Southern town. Hank Monroe is an ex-Army Ranger, fresh out of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s New Agents class, and his education is just beginning. An outsider to the inner workings and traditions of the deep South, Hank gets more than he bargained for in his first season on the job. Aided by a mysterious, angelic caller, Hank is inspired to delve into the underbelly of deceit and corruption that swirls ominously below the surface of a close-knit community. He seeks the truth that lies hidden behind the façade and pretense of the town’s elite, the truth some will do anything to hide. Hank Monroe will soon learn, in his first growing season as an agent, that all is not what it seems to be—in crime and in love—and that when it comes to murder, there are no winners.

Kelley’s Boys

Authored by Darryl Huckaby (with Blake Giles)
Published 2009
Cobern Kelley, longtime legendary Boys Director of Athens YMCA and much-beloved teacher and mentor to thousands of Athens youth, began working at the Y while attending the University of Georgia in 1930. He served the community in this capacity until his death in 1968. He built the Athens Y Camp and Chapel by himself and carried Y boys all over America and Canada by bus. Cobern Kelley was an extremely strong man physically but gentle as a lamb when dealing with youngsters. He is one of the most famous Athenians of all time and probably the most influential coach/teacher in Athens history. His influence is still felt through the now-adult men he molded. The Christian lessons and teachings of Kelley will live forever. This book is about Kelley, as recalled by those he influenced most, the men who would always be “Kelley’s boys.” Although the essence of Cobern Kelley is far too great to capture in the physical limits of this book, it will give you a glimpse of the great man and help you understand, at least a little, why so many people adored him—and still do.

An Illusion of Victory

Authored by Bobby Dews
Published 2008 — Buy Now
A collection of stories and poetry from a quintessential southern writer, Bobby Dews. An Illusion of Victory, influenced by Dews’ small-town Georgia upbringing, is an experience. In your journey through this collection you will feel as if you are recounting stories or debating and discovering poetry on the front porch over a glass of lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon.

The Ty Cobb Educational Foundation – Through Fifty Years

Authored by Jerry Atkins
Published 2007
Born on December 18, 1886, Cobb didn’t make it into the 21st century, having died of cancer and other complications on July 17, 1961, 43 years ago at this writing in the year 2004. A native of Royston, Georgia, Ty Cobb may have been baseball’s greatest player, if not the game’s fiercest competitor. Ty Cobb was a lot of things to a lot of people. He obviously accomplished much as a major league baseball player, setting record after record and becoming baseball’s first millionaire through his high salary (for the day) and calculated investments. One of those investments was the purchase of stock in a little-known Atlanta beverage company called Coca-Cola.

“The Georgia Peach” from all accounts was not a well-liked man, on or off the baseball field. But, long after retiring from baseball, Cobb “scored” on two major projects that he took on late in life – the Cobb Memorial Hospital in Royston that he established with a $100,000 donation and the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation that he established for Georgia youngsters who could not afford to go to college.

Ty Cobb is gone from this earth, but both of his special projects are thriving to this day…and getting stronger with the years.

To purchase a copy of this book or donate to the foundation, please visit

Beloved Dawgs

Authored by Loran Smith
Originally released in 2005, this is the inside of story of one of the most celebrated tandems in Georgia football history.  Author Loran Smith grants us a unique perspective as he followed the careers of David Greene and David Pollack from his vantage point of sideline reporter, host of the pre-game radio “Tailgate Show,” and his inside access to the Georgia football program.


This full-color book offers a vibrant collection of paintings by popular Atlanta artist, Steve Penley. It is logically organized according to the variety of distinct subjects that have gained him a following around the country: flowers, nudes, portraits of American icons, and well-known landmarks.

Dooley’s Dawgs

Authored by Vince Dooley with Loran Smith
Originally published in 2003, Vince Dooley tells all regarding his 25 year coaching career at the University of Georgia—the highs, the lows, the struggles and the successes.  Dooley’s Dawgs is co-authored by Loran Smith, longtime Executive Secretary of the Georgia Bulldog Clubs and popular radio host of the pre-game “Tailgate Show.”

Greater Late than Never: Fulfilling Your Dreams After 50

Authored by Robert Hope
Originally published in 1998 and written by one of America’s most respected promoters, Bob Hope.  This inspiring look at people who acted on their dreams and attained greatness and notoriety late in life includes the stories of Confucius, Ray Kroc, and many others. The book also includes 20 great photos.

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